Thought of the Day: Work, Job, Career

In organizing my gameplan for LA (still need a better word for that) I came across some operational definitions that I will apply to it:

Work - The physical ‘labor’ of something. (“I’m working on my writing.” “I’m working on fixing the toilet.” “I’m working on not strangling customers.”)

Job - Where money is given for doing work. (“I got $20 for dropping him off at the airport.” “Just got my paycheck for my 35hrs this week.” “I got offered $100k for my spec script!”)

Career - The area of occupation that is a profession. (“I work as an independent script doctor.” “I have a job with NBC.” “I am a screenwriter.”)

Not all work relates to a job, and not all jobs relate to a career. Keeping that in mind, it’ll help me stay on track from doing all ‘work’ without furthering my career.